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Our Main Objective

Our programs challenge each child to develop a positive attitude toward life-long learning. This is accomplished through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities offered in a stimulating environment. Academics are embedded throughout our day. Field trips are also utilized to enhance our programs.

What We'll Be Learning

- Academic skills such as recognizing and identifying shapes, colors, letters, and numbers within weekly units that also focus on reading, mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts.

- Gross motor skills through movement, outdoor play, and indoor activities. Fine motor skills through art projects and activities.

-Social skills such as playing with others, learning to take turns, learning to listen to others share their experiences.

-Encourage creativity through music, art, and playing.

-Develop independence and self-confidence by being educated by experienced, loving teachers who encourage exploration, self-awareness, and friendships.

-Learning Christian values such as sharing, caring, and helping through Bible stories, songs, and monthly chapel time.

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